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By Richard Stull - President / CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.  I have been in the building products industry since 1985.  I was raised in Southern California and have worked with some good people and a few good companies over the years.  I have worked in a lot of positions, seen a lot of changes and learned a lot about the industry over 28 years.  I incorporated Vinyl Concepts in 2005 and we have grown a lot since then.

One of the most important things I have learned is that business is about people first.  It is about the customers we serve, the teams of employees who serve our customers, and the vendors and suppliers we work with.

Our Company

When it comes to customer service, nobody is perfect – we do make mistakes, but overall they are few and we fix them. Contact me with any comments or concerns.

Without customers gained due to our teams efforts to provide excellent products and service at a reasonable price, there would be no business or employees making a living.  The jobs created by running a healthy business allows our employees to pay their bills, raise their families, be consumers, and buy houses, all contributing to the general health of the economy.  I always feel proud when I think about our contribution to our customers, our team, and our countries future.  Bless America.

Our company is built around a common goal of serving our customers to the best of our ability.  We do this by hiring good employees and creating systems to handle the work flow.  When interviewing potential employees, a series of tests and checks are used to establish their suitability with our company, as well as identify their strengths.  By working to understand people’s strengths, we allow them to do the things they are good at doing, and they tend to enjoy their jobs more as well, which is a recipe for success.

The third group of important people in our business is our vendors and suppliers.  We take a lot of pride in operating with integrity, and developing strong relationships with high quality companies and products, even if they sometimes cost more.  We operate with a focus on fiscal responsibility, making sure to stay strong and healthy to weather the tough times like we have had recently.

Our Facilities

We serve Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties from three facilities.  From these facilities we manufacture all our products in-house.  We keep many truckloads of raw materials, parts and accessories on the ground.  We keep roughly 100 different size and color profiles, extrusions, and roll formed shapes in stock.  We use these raw materials to make our products which are both sold and installed across Southern California, and shipped across the country and beyond.  Our headquarters are in Thousand Oaks.

Green is Good

There are a lot of people on this planet, and we should do our part to plan for the future.  We recycle extensively from our 1) office waste 2) building materials scrap 3) old products removed and hauled from replacement jobs, mostly wood and steel.  Our products are also inherently ecologically favorable themselves due to long long life, and ultra low maintenance.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Vinyl Concepts.  We appreciate it.


About Vinyl Building Products

To anyone interested in more technical details about vinyl building products, including patio covers, fencing, gates, decking and railing, here is more information. 
My name is Rick Stull. I am president of Vinyl Concepts.  I have been in the vinyl fence and Patio Covers business for 28 years. 
Vinyl Patio Covers and other alternative building products are relatively new items that seem to be surrounded with many questions and even more opinions. As with any newer product or subject, there are plenty of myths and half truths around. There are also many different qualities available, and they are not always easy to differentiate. 
With this article, I hope to educate interested parties about the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl Patio Covers, vinyl building products, and hopefully give a good name to a product I believe in very strongly. 
The vinyl fence, gates, patio covers, decking, railing, and other outdoor products we are discussing are made from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) extrusions, available in various shapes known as profiles. These profiles are cut, routed, reinforced, welded, assembled, or otherwise fabricated into outdoor building products. 
Polyvinylchloride was discovered in the late 1800′s. Click here to learn how it’s made. 
For those who are concerned with vinyl’s safety or environmentally friendliness, please watch this video about sustainability.





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