Adjustable Louver Patio Covers

Vinyl Concepts adjustable patio covers give you the optimum amount of shade and sun, when you want it. It is basically an opening roof system that you open and close to any position by simply pressing a button on your remote control.

The posts and framework are constructed using our specially reinforced vinyl extrusions and carry a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. The reinforcements are heavy duty galvanized material for extremely long life, and not rust. The posts and frame color is your choice of white or tan. The louvers can be white or desert sand color (similar to the Tan). All our covers are engineered to meet building codes, including commercial applications requiring 20 lb. live load. The adjustable aluminum louvers are 6063 alloy and are extruded in an attractive efficient shape for high strength and superior corrosion resistance. The coating on the louvers is baked on polyester enamel finish. The louvers are 8.5″ wide and can be up to 11’4″ wide to provide up to a 12′ wide bay. Wider covers can be made by combining multiple bays or sections.

Competitors Louver Vinyl Concepts Louver
Competition (thin steel crimped) Our heavy duty aluminum louver

Each section (bay) contains parallel louvers that pivot on heavy duty Delrin pins. These pins ride in an aluminum channel mounted to the inside of the framework. The channel is securely attached with two screws at each pivot point – one on each side. The Delrin pins are very hard and will not wear out. All louvers are bound together with an aluminum control bar which allows them all to be moved simultaneously. The pins and hardware are all zinc plated steel, creating an extremely strong system which last for years and years with virtually no maintenance.

Competitors Louver

View of the louver and connecting rod with Delrin pin

The aluminum louvers are operated by a very high quality, super quiet low voltage electric actuator type motor. The low voltage is supplied to the motor using a transformer that is similar to landscape lighting. The motor (or motors) are have a control panel that is operated by remote control for simple trouble free operation.

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