Vinyl building products do a good job meeting the challenges of today’s “green” building specifications. ‘Green’ building refers to the growing importance of meeting sustainability requirements in construction materials and practices while at the same time limiting the impact on natural resources in both the construction and long-term maintenance and life cycle of a commercial or residential building. 

High quality vinyl fences offer a number of green building qualities. 
Because vinyl will not rot, no toxic chemical pressure treatment is required, as it is for wood to withstand ground contact, fungal decay, and wood destroying pests. Many of these chemicals have been banned because of their toxicity. The latest chemical used for wood treatment, ACQ, actually destroys most metal fasteners used in them, and requires special metals or treatments. This is indicative of the corrosive nature of many chemicals used. 
No painting or staining is required. Paints, stains and thinners are solvent based, and contribute to the level of volatile organic compounds, which may have short and long term adverse health effects. 
The lifecycle of vinyl building products is excellent, meaning fewer cycles of manufacturing, production, shipping, storage, installation, and refinishing, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. 
For those who are concerned with vinyl’s safety or environmentally friendliness, please watch this video about sustainability.



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